When my fellow food bloggers began to share their Shakshuka recipes, I couldn’t help but wonder what was so great about this dish that everyone wanted to go give it a go! And that’s when I decided to try it out and the result? Well… I don’t think any other dish can replace my new found love for Shakshuka.

Shakshouka is a dish made up of poached eggs wrapped up in a delicious sauce of tomatoes, chilli peppers, onions, mushrooms etc. This dish is traditionally served as breakfast, but I’d like to think that it is perfect for any time of the day. Although originated in Tunisia, Shakshuka is also a very popular dish in the Middle east and North Africa.

So, let’s get started!

Ingredients :
1) 3 big button mushrooms(sliced)
2) 1 med. white onion thinly sliced, 4 pods chopped garlic
3) 3 small bell peppers( orange, red n yellow )
4) 1/2 jalapeño ( all chopped fine)
5) 4 Roma tomatoes (blanched n Med.cubes)
6) 1 small can of tomato purée (hunts) or tomato paste
7) 1 tsp roasted cumin seeds powder
8) 1 tsp Kashmiri Chilli powder
9) 1/2 tsp paprika or Degi mirchi
10)5 or 6 eggs
11)Few pieces of fresh feta cheese
12)Spring onions to garnish
13)Salt to taste n a 1/2 tsp sugar

In a thick iron skillet pan, add 2 tsp of olive oil. Sauté onions and when they become translucent, add the chopped garlic, bell papers and the jalapeños. After 2-3 minutes, add the Roma tomatoes. Continue to stir and let your mixture cook for 5-7 minutes. After this, add the tomato purée and a little bit of water to avoid the mixture from becoming dry.

Then, add your seasonings which should include Cumin, paprika, Kashmiri Chilli powder and sugar. Continue to let your mixture cook for another 5 -7 mins.



After this, make 5 small wells (See Picture) in the mixture and crack each egg into each well. It’s better to crack the eggs in a ramekin first to prevent the egg yolk from breaking.

unnamed-3You can also add a few pieces of feta cheese- I think it adds some great flavor to the mixture. Cover the pan with a lid and simmer it for 5 mins until the eggs are just perfectly poached.


That’s it! You can now garnish with some spring onions and a few drops of olive oil.



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