Chicken lollipops

My mouth is already salivating from just reading the title. Chicken lollipops are a popular dish, mainly served for starters in Indian restaurants or in the Indian Chinese cuisine.

This is a great dish for the kids or even a fun starter for parties.

So, here’s what you’ll need:

15 chicken wing pieces. Be sure to hold the end of the bone and shred the total flesh downwards. I’ve used 9 pieces for today.


SET 1: Ingredients:
1)2tsp Soya sauce
2)1tsp vinegar
3)1 Tsp red Chilli sauce
4)1/2 tsp sherry wine
5)1 tsp Worcestershire sauce
6)1/2 tsp salt
7)1/4 tsp Ajinomoto (optional)


SET 2: Ingredients for the green paste:
1) 2″ piece ginger
2) 10-12 flakes garlic
3) 3 spring onions
4) 3 green chillies
5) Little Celery and coriander leaves(2 tbs each)
Grind and keep aside

Mix all the ingredients separately in their select SETS. Next, combine all these ingredients to create a marinade for the chicken pieces. Keep this marination in the fridge for 6-8 hours however, overnight marinating is better!



Batter for frying:
1)4 tbsp  plain flour
2)1 n 1/4 tbsp corn flour
3)2  eggs
4)3/4 tsp sherry wine
5)3/4 red Chilli sauce
6)3/4 tsp black pepper powder
7)1tbs chopped celery leaves
8) pinch of red food colour

8)Salt to taste
mix the batter well and keep aside.


Remove the chicken from the fridge. Hold each piece and dip into the batter for frying and then deep fry them.  Easy, right?


After your chicken lollipops have been fried, be sure to blot them with a kitchen tissue paper and then garnish with some spring onions! Serve hot with schezwan sauce.


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See you soon!


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