Olya Narlachye Kanole

In celebration of Raksha Bandhan, another sweet dish that you can prepare would be Olya Narlachye Kanole – also known as – Sweet Coconut Dumplings ! This crispy dumpling is deep fried with a coconut jaggery filling. This is such a tasty snack – it is truly irresistible!

This is quite a tedious and lengthy recipe but I promise you the end results are worth it!

Here’s what you’ll need:

Ingredients :
1. 1 cup all purpose flour
2. 1/2 cup milk
3. 2 tbs ghee
4. 1 tbs cornflour
5. 1 tsp frozen ghee
6. Salt to taste
7. Water

1. 1 cup fresh grated coconut
2. 3/4 cup jaggery
3. 1tsp cardamom powder
4. Few saffron strands
5. 1 tsp ghee
6. Crushed  mixed dry fruits

To make dough:
In large flat dish, take 2 cups of all purpose flour and add salt to taste. Next, add ghee then add milk and water slowly and begin kneading. The dough consistency should be little stiff. Cover it with semi wet muslin cloth.


After 2 hours, put the dough in a food processor and give a quick pulse to make the dough softer so it’s easy to roll.


To make the filling:

In a thick bottomed pan, add 1tbs of ghee . Then add the coconut and jaggery together. Sauté for 4-5 mins. Add saffron, crushed dry fruits and cardamom powder. Once the moisture dries out remove and keep aside.

To make the kanole nice and crispy, be sure to follow this process.

Take one big flat dish, add 1 tsp frozen ghee (hard butter) and mix with your fingers by applying some pressure. Start spreading all over the plate in a clockwise position. In the beginning, it will have a grainy texture.Continue until it gets smooth and light.

Once its soft, add cornflour together and continue to mix. The consistency of this mixture should be creamy. Once done, cover with a moist cloth and keep aside.

Now the dough which we made earlier remove  the moist cloth from the dough make 2-3 balls and take one and roll it into a big chapati . You need 2 big chapatis.

Press your finger-tips on the first chapati and make small and light depressions on it something like pitting .


Spread the cornflour ghee batter to fill all the dents and place the chapati aside.


Take one more ball of the dough and roll it second chapati. Repeat the process of making depressions Place this chapati on the first. Don’t press too hard.


Now start rolling the chapati n make a tight roll. start pulling the roll and lengthen it.


The roll should be stretched slowly in one direction only .Cut the long roll vertically into two rolls.



Now cut each roll horizontally into small portions.


Set them aside and cover them with moist cloth. This will make the kanola into layers and nice and crispy from outside.

(Kindly follow the method shown in the images )

To prepare the karanjis:

Roll out a small ball of dough into a disc shape then place filling in the centre and apply a little water to the edge of half of the circle.


Fold over the circle and press, to secure the filling inside a semi-circular dumpling.


Cut the excess edge with a cookie cutter or you can press and fold  the edge and give  a nice design so that it won’t burst while frying.


Heat ghee in a deep cast iron pan. Make sure that you heat it on a slow flame. Place the kanole (dumpling) in the hot ghee and fry them gently. Add 2 at a time so that it won’t over-crowd the pan. Fry them on slow flame. Now turn and  fry the other side.


Once they are ready, keep them on kitchen tissue paper to absorb excess ghee.

Your Delicious kanola is ready to serve. Enjoy!

Happy Raksha Bandhan!



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