Orange coconut Burfi

Navratri Bhog

On the 2nd day of Navratri, Maa Durga is worshipped in the form of Bramhacharini and the colour ‘Orange’ symbolises tranquility, brightness and knowledge.

Orange Burfi (fudge)

Orange coconut Burfi a perfect festive recipe and quick n easy to make.

The Burfi is made with juicy, pulpy oranges, desiccated coconut and mava.


1 cup fresh oranges pulp

3/4 cup fresh cream

3/4 cup milk powder

3/4 cup sugar

1 cup desiccated coconut

2-3 tsp ghee

1 tsp orange zest

1 tbs fresh orange juice

1/2 tsp cardamom powder (optional)

Chopped pistachios for garnishing


Heat up the thick bottomed pan on a slow heat. Add fresh cream n milk powder n mix well. Keep stirring until it thickens and add 1 tsp ghee to it.

Once it starts thickening add sugar and stir well. After 2-3 mins. add orange pulp n keep stirring until it combines well.

Now add the desiccated coconut and stir well. Add pinch of orange colour and mix well and add the orange juice n zest to it. Keep stirring and add 1 tsp of ghee again.

After 5-7 mins. Coconut mixer will start separating from the pan and continue to cook until it holds the shape. Turn off the heat.

To set the Barfi, grease the plate with ghee.

Transfer the barfi mixture to a plate and even it out with a greased spatula .

Garnish with finely chopped pistachios.

Set in the chiller for 2-3 hrs. Remove n cut it into a diamond or square shape.

Enjoy! Wishing you all a happy n blessed Navratri.


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