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    Channa Masala


Check my updated Modak recipe in the desserts category!  Ingredients For the stuffing: * 1 bowl grated coconut * 3/4 bowl jaggery * 2 to…


Vada pav

Vada pav is famous for being Mumbai’s staple street food snack. This yummy, fried potato dish  is everybody’s favorite and irresistible at any time of…

Pesto Pasta

It’s not every weekend that we get to pop by to an Italian restaurant and devour some delicious Pesto Pasta. Sometimes we’re busy, sometimes we’re…

Cauliflower Rice ..Maharashtrian Style Gobi Pulav

Like most teenagers, my daughter is very fussy when it comes to her food. She likes her vegetables cooked in a very certain way and…

Tandoori Chicken

The name itself makes my mouth water. Tandoori Chicken is one of my family’s favourite homemade dishes whether it’s cricket match season or when we’re…