Talniche Modak

Talniche Modaks ( fried modaks)

For the yearly Ganesh Chaturthi festival or monthly sankashti preparing steamed modaks known as (Ukadiche Modaks)which are very common.

Traditionally the outer covering of the modak is made of steamed rice flour. But for the beginners preparing these with nice shape it’s always a task and time consuming. One needs a lot of practice and patience to make perfect shaped steamed Modaks.So for them to make Fried Modaks is always a blessings and an easy option.These are comparatively faster and something like making samosas. They also taste awesome and it’s good alternative.

So let’s get started…


For covering

1 cup plain flour (maida)

1 tsp ghee

1/4 tsp salt

1/4 cup water

For stuffing

2 cups fresh scraped coconut

1 cup jaggery

1 tsp ghee

1 tsp lightly roasted poppy seeds

Few strands of saffron

1 tsp cardamom powder

Oil for frying


In a large flat dish, add plain flour (maida),ghee and salt and combine everything together. Next, slowly water in small amounts at a time and begin kneading the dough. Transfer the dough into a bowl and cover it with damp cloth and keep aside. Let it rest for half an hour.

Meanwhile prepare the stuffing.

Usually, the fried modak stuffing is with mava, sugar and dryfruits but I prefer making mine with coconut and jaggery.

To prepare this stuffing, heat up the pan and add 1tsp ghee. Once the ghee is hot, add fresh scraped coconut and jaggery and mix well. After 3-4 mins, once the jaggery starts to melt, stir the mixture for another 4-5 mins and allow it to thicken. Next, add 1tsp roasted poppy seeds, few strands of saffron,cardamom powder and stir. Turn off the heat and transfer the mixture to another plate and allow it to cool.

Now remove the dough from the bowl and knead for 2-3 mins until it turns soft. If the dough is still stiff then give a quick pulse in a hand mixer so that it becomes soft and it is easy to roll. Divide the balls into small balls. Now roll out a small disc shape covering without using any dry flour.Make sure the covering should not be too thin or thick.

Now, remove the covering and hold it on the palm and add stuffing. Gently press the outer sides and make the pleats. Bring together and fold the pleats and seal on top. Follow the same procedure with the rest of the dough.

For frying, heat up the oil in a Kadai on a medium heat.

Drop the modaks one by one and fry them for 4-5 mins until they turn nice golden and crispy. Remove and place them on kitchen tissue papers to blot the excess oil.

Also before dropping them into oil make sure they are

sealed nicely on TOP so the mixture doesn’t come out.

The most Delicious fried modaks are ready to serve.

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